SendHit Nock Handguards

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After busting our knuckles one too many times we reached out to the crew at SendHit to team up and make the best MTB Handguards even better, by adding our Screamin' Wolf head graphics of course! 

Gone are torn gloves, needless bloody or busted fingers and wet paws on dewy morning rides through overgrown trails. 

Whether you're bushwhacking, punching desert shrubs or protecting your hands from cold, wet weather, these handguards are a great accessory.


  • (2) Flag Guards
  • (2) Brackets
  • (2) Flipchips
  • (2) Screws
  • (1) SendHit Graphic Kit
  • (1) Loam Wolf Graphic Kit
  • Lightweight : only 168 gr per pair
  • Aluminum bracket with variable thickness for maximum rigidity
  • Unbreakable guards with optimized ratio between rigidity (protect the hand) and flex (handle impact without breaking)
  • Exclusive flip chip offering 2 lateral and 2 frontal positions for an optimal adjustment
  • Exclusive high absorption impact foam inside the shield to protect the hand in case of impact
  • Only uses 10 mm of handlebar space
  • Does not interfere with shifter or dropper lever
  • Compatible with all brakes levers and optimized for Shimano levers
  • Thick decals to protect shields and brackets
  • Used by top enduro pilots of the toughest competitions such as the Enduro World Series